A group program for wedding photographers AND small wedding businesses designed to give you strong foundations and a workable plan for your business. The total cost is £995 – pay £300 to secure your place and we’ll agree the start date that works best for the whole group.

Once this date has been agreed the balance (£695) will be payable

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3 months’ long group program for wedding photographers and small wedding businesses designed to give you strong foundations and a workable plan.


It is a group program, because having the group of like-minded people, who can bounce ideas off of one another is an option that just works better for some students. It just helps if you can chat with someone who is also learning the same thing at the same time, right? GROUP SIZE – MAX 12 for the best outcome. In a smaller group I will also be able to focus more on every student during the 1-2-1 follow up/implementation sessions.


Together we’ll work on your business strategy, marketing strategy, goal setting, visibility and how to get to know your ideal clients and we will create a detailed workable action plan for your business.



This module is about getting to know your strengths, your weaknesses and also the external opportunities and threats that you can use to grow your business. It is also about setting goals and creating good systems (good habits) and dividing them into much smaller achievable steps so that the whole process doesn’t feel that overwhelming. We still look at our first SWOT and our first big goals from 2012 and celebrate how far we’ve managed to get. This module definitely gives you clarity and confidence too!


I know, EVERYBODY has heard the word ‘the ideal client’ (shudder), right? We’ll do it differently – we’ll actually show you a VERY practical process that will help you REALLY get to know your clients. What were they worried about before booking? Were they happy with the outcome? Why did they pick you for the job and not someone else? Was there something in the way you work that surprised or delighted them? We’ll show you how to use that knowledge to create great content!


This will be a very practical session, we’ll talk about your plan. How to get you off that ‘hamster wheel’ of just posting on social media, on your website, and praying that it might work. Ever had that panic feeling that all the enquiries in the world have dried out and you’ll have no job soon? Instead you will get practical tools – you will know what to post and when. You will have clarity and be consistent at what you do. This in turn will give you enquiries coming from the right couples.



three group sessions – theory

three 1-2-1 implementation sessions

A detailed action plan for you

A group – support/chat and general fun stuff